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Top reviews from Tattoo

Good Creative artist.

Sent on 26-April-2020

Sent on 04-March-2020
Shivani Pal

The tatoo artist Siva was very good in his work and was very polite. He did both tatoo painting and balloon modeling for our kids birthday party. It was value for money. Very good experience. Kids really enjoyed it.

Sent on 04-March-2020
Vamshi krishna

Price was within the range, quality was awesome and not to miss the additional activities like Tattoo, Bouncy and Choclate fountain was excellent and never ending. Thank you Jasti and Divender for making a perfect Bday party with lovely memories and unforgettable night.

Sent on 03-March-2020

Very good service. Thanks to Divendra, nani and team

Sent on 13-February-2020

Had utilized the services of Shiva for Tattoo drawing...he did an excellent job...creative and good quality work... highly recommended.

Sent on 05-February-2020
Rahul Agarwal

Sent on 19-November-2019

Very Good artist with creative thinking

Sent on 06-May-2019

Fantastic services

Sent on 28-April-2019

We had availed tatoo artist service from partyone. The artist was punctual, polite and professional. The tatoos were beautiful. Thank you partyone for the excellent service. Highly recommended.

Sent on 07-March-2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our tattoo artists use only the non-toxic anti-synthetic colors for kids birthday parties. These colors have no side effects and are easy to remove.

Our artists are highly experienced and have a catalogue of most of the animated characters, birds, butterflies, animals, and simply anything the kids will demand.

No. These are simple anti-toxin paints and soft brushes. It will only be fun.

The tattoo simply goes off with water, you might require a soap if it doesn’t. The product used is non-synthetic and doesn’t stay for too long on the skin.

No. The materials used are skin friendly so there are no chances. However, if you feel any itching, you should remove the tattoo immediately.

All about Tattoo In Bangalore

Birthday parties have evolved leaps and bounds with Entertainment playing a pivotal role in the party planning process. Entertainment party artists like Tattoo artists can up the coolness quotient of any birthday party like no other artist. Tattoos that are temporary with non-toxic anti-allergic dyes can be used without any worries on the skin of children. These Tattoos wear off easily without leaving any mark. The moments of sheer happiness seen on the face of the children while they are getting the tattoo are truly priceless. Talented Tattoo Artists who create magical tattoo art for the children are very much in demand that their dates get booked months in advance. Identifying quality performers have also become a difficult task which leaves customers dissatisfied at times at the end of the event. Understanding this dilemma faced by our customers, has identified the best performing Tattoo artists in each city of our country so that we can connect you with them and fulfill your requirement to your satisfaction.

Why should I get a tattoo artist for kids birthday party?

A tattoo artist for a kids birthday party will be the best option as this entire art form lets them wander into the world of imagination. Tattoo for birthdays will leave all the kids, especially the birthday boy, feel special in their own accord. Kids getting birthday tattoos will also give them some time to think about what they associate themselves with because that is what will be drawn on their skin. They can just sit, command, and enjoy their new design and jam up with their besties. One more concern of most parents about having a tattoo artist for kids birthday parties is how safe will it be for the kids. promises that they only need to worry about what designs they’re going to get and not about the materials, because we like to take care of our customers and therefore, only child friendly materials are used,which can be instantly removed upon the wish of the child as well as parents. We have found great tattoo artists across Bangalore to give you and your children a memorable birthday party.

Is it completely harmless for kids to have these tattoos?

Kids always want something unusual or extravagant when it comes to their birthday party. One of the most extravagant activities will be having a tattoo artist for kids birthday party, and what more? All the tattoos made by the tattoo artists will only have non-toxic materials, which can be removed easily. Hence, kids having birthday tattoos will be a safe and joyful experience. Parents should be rest assured of the safety of their kids’ skin as the materials are not at all harmful. A lot of parents might have doubts regarding the after effects of the tattoo on their skin, and it is only logical to think so. But all the parents must not worry any more about it because the artists that we have found across Delhi use the best materials. These materials will give the best experience to whoever wants to get the tattoo, and never otherwise. Hence, it will be completely harmless for kids as well as their parents to get a tattoo for kids birthday party in Bangalore.

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