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Frequently Asked Questions

The kids will first be familiarized with new concepts based on the theme that you select, then the scientist will make them work using those concepts. For example, chemical reactions on potions, light and sound experiments, etc.

Yes. It’s up to their choice. However, the concepts are designed for kids of age 4-14 years.

Yes. Chemistry is a very important part of science. Our scientist does know how to make it fun.

No. They are just usual everyday-use substances used in their molecular form. There’s nothing harmful in them.

Yes. The entire activity session will be supervised by scientist. So there’s nothing to worry about.

All about Science Club In Bangalore

Science is a subject that gets attention from a lot of kids, some of them even start early in inventing something of their own. So, if your child is keen about chemical reactions, robots, experiments, machines, sound, light, wind, energy, etc. a workshop with all these and much more is absolutely what you should do for him in his/her next birthday party. For kids who love science, a science workshop of magic backed by logic will be the greatest gift ever on their birthday. We, at, have worked our way through a number of artists who can conduct science workshops across Bangalore and who will be the best search for your kids. Don’t let the happiness of your child slip away on their special day.

Do kids enjoy science themed birthday party?

Kids who are really interested in science look forward to anything that involves experiments, learning, and a lot of fun. If the parents decide to throw a science birthday party in Bangalore, they will be amazed to know how interesting it gets for the kids as well as adults. At we have researched and found the best scientist in town to ensure maximum learning and fun for science enthusiasts. It becomes absolutely adorable when little kids try their hands at science experiments in birthday parties. It even excites the parents to see their kids so engrossed in something they love. It is the best option for parents of science enthusiasts or even kids who love doing something funky and risky, to have a science workshop in the birthday party. It will help the little ones in loving what they do even more and get their minds narrowed down to one thing they will keep loving to do. We ensure you that your kids’ safety is our priority and our scientists understand it very well. Hence, you can be rest assured and join your kids in all this fun.

Can the scientist ensure fun and learning for kids in a science themed birthday party?

The scientist will conduct a lot of experiments and activities, depending upon the theme selected by you, in a science themed birthday party. A science birthday is by far the best birthday, because here the kids don’t have to go back to learning after having a long evening of enjoyment. They have already learned in their enjoyment and they are looking forward to some more! Science birthday party experiments are the most fun because kids are at ease and are willing to do a lot in science. In such workshops, especially at birthday parties, gives the child a window, an escape where children do experiments and listen to the scientists out of their love for the subject and not the force by the classrooms (in some cases). Our scientists are equipped with materials that can be used for themes such as Harry Potter, Light, Sound, Bubble Mania, etc. and a lot more, some which are suggested by parents, and conduct activities in Bangalore that will blow the kids’ minds. Basically, you will love what happens in a science workshop by us.

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