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Tamil selvan

Birthday function

Sent on 13-November-2017

Superb anchoring .... Enjyed alot

Sent on 19-October-2017

Sent on 11-October-2017

Sent on 11-October-2017

absolutely fits the bill of what i expected and repeat talking hamster that goes with my kia soul... repeats short sentences in a hip hop fashion

Sent on 30-March-2017

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience

Sent on 06-August-2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

The artist can mimic almost all the famous Bollywood actors and singers in their performance.

The artists will have to mimic various characters in one event and that will make it impossible for them to dress like each artist they mimic. Hence, the artists will be dressed up according to the occasion they are hired for and perform.

When the artist will try to mimic any comedian then it will look like a comedy show while the performance lasts. They don’t specially prepare a comic script.

The artists won’t have dance performances, but if the character they mimic will demand a dance performance, then the artist may surely fulfill it.

Even kids are aware of various TV and movie characters, so if you know that your kids are interested in mimicry and will enjoy a performance, then it’s a good idea to book a mimicry artist for kids birthday party.

All about Mimicry Artist In Hyderabad

A mimicry artist is an entertainer who can imitate the voice and mannerisms of other people. The artist usually imitates film actors, politicians and different famous personalities but will customize his show according to the preference of his guests. Mimicry catches the attention of little ones when the artist imitates cartoon character or animal sounds. The older kids, on the other hand, would be interested to hear their favorite personality in show business mirrored by the artist. Depending on the age group of the target audience, the mimicry artist will tailor make his show so as to catch their attention. Jasti.com has done extensive research in identifying the best Mimicry artists in your city and can book your chosen artist for your party date at no extra cost. You only need to pay the artist for the booked time. Just another way of thanking our dear customers for their patronage for jasti.com.

What types of parties can we have a mimicry artist for?

Mimicry artists can make the crowd enjoy, be it any type of party they’re hired for. If you’re hosting a party for your parents’ anniversary, then you can have a mimicry artist who will mimic their favourite actors. You can do this for their birthdays too. If you know that the kids coming over for a party will be interested in being entertained by various actors and musicians, then you can hire a mimicry artist from jasti.com across Hyderabad. Even if it’s an office party, a mimicry artist will cheer everyone up and your colleagues may also join the artist to pull each others’ legs. One of the best advantages of having a mimicry artist over for any type of party is that you don’t have to hire various characters separately, they all come in one pack because one mimicry artist can cover all the actors you love. Your guests will love to have an experienced mimicry artist to get entertained and we’re here just to give you that.

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