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Frequently Asked Questions

They can juggle around four to five balls at a time.

The jugglers can juggle plates, balls, and other lighter plastic objects.

With our juggler, it is completely safe for kids to stand anywhere they want around the juggler. However, we wouldn’t suggest standing too close to avoid bumping into the juggler.

No. The objects used for juggling as well as the activity is absolutely harmless for kids.

They won’t teach but will let the kids to try their hands for a minute or two.

All about Juggling In Bangalore

Juggling as an art is as old as circus, both of which aim at entertaining the audience, and leaving them amazed and glued to their seats. Kids are most excited when they see juggling balls around them that keeps going on without a break and forces them to keep track of just one of the four or five balls being juggled. We, at jasti.com in Bangalore encourage parents to use all the traditional and physical forms of art to entertain their children and make them experience something outside their computer or mobile screens. Juggling as an art form looks really cool for youngsters too because it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, booking a juggler from us will ensure 100% entertainment for kids as well as parents because our juggler will be there with you for complete three hours.

Why will kids enjoy a juggling performance?

Juggling as an art includes a lot of child friendly and colorful objects, which attracts kids a lot. And, when you hire a juggler for birthday party, it’s most likely that all the kids will be around him. Juggling is something that just keeps going on and keeps confusing you more and more. It becomes even more fun when you try to keep track of one ball while juggling and you keep missing it again and again. Kids will love juggling because our artist will allow them to try juggling for a minute or two, so that even they will get a chance to understand how tricky and cool this art for is. And, who knows, they might develop an interest in juggling as a hobby. Juggling certainly requires a lot of experience and tricks, hence, we’ve got you the most experienced juggler in Bangalore. It is our promise that not even for one minute during the whole performance will your kids want to leave the juggler alone.

How is juggling the best form of entertainment for kids?

Juggling doesn’t involve much, just an artist and a few objects to juggle with. It’s certainly a mind game and requires a lot of patience. An art form which doesn’t require much is obviously the best form to entertain the kids. This is because the kids will find it achievable at the same time confusing. This will encourage them to keep observing the juggler and try to learn something from him. If you hire a juggler for birthday party for your kid, it will be a win win for everyone. For one, it is impossible to take your eyes away from the juggler and the kids will enjoy the party thoroughly. We ensure that kids will have maximum fun because we’ve got you the best juggler from your town, Bangalore, who is highly experienced and love performing for kids. Jasti.com will ensure complete safety and entertainment for kids with such amazing outdoor activities for their birthday parties.

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