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Top reviews from Caricature
Nitu bansal

The caricature artist work was good

Sent on 17-February-2020
Sowmya Iyer

Had a good experience with partyone , the response to enquiry was prompt and their process of booking is very simple. Hired a caricature artist thru them , the artist was on time and very patient w the kids. Good service and would recommend their services

Sent on 05-March-2019
mythily padhmanaban

We opted for caricature and tattoo artist... It was wonderful experience with them.

Sent on 26-February-2019

Sent on 12-November-2018

Sent on 19-September-2018
Ashish Sharma

Sent on 05-July-2018

Sent on 05-July-2018

Amazing experience with partyone, Thank you

Sent on 29-June-2018

I had amazing experience with partyone,its too good.thank you Partyone!!!

Sent on 19-May-2018

Sent on 15-May-2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

A black and white art takes around 10 minutes. It might take more if it’s a group of people and you need colors with it.

The purpose of caricature is to make identifiable features along with giving it a comic or a funny effect.

It becomes difficult to teach caricature when they have to make one for most of the guest. So, it might not be the most suitable time for teaching caricature to kids.

the artists are highly experienced and they can make caricatures with colours too. It depends upon how the customers wish to have them made.

It is possible and our artists have been doing caricature drawings on mugs when asked by the customers.

All about Caricature In Bangalore

Caricature artists are nothing but cartoonists who work mainly on humans and their environment. They depict their subjects in humorous ways through sketches. Children and even adults enjoy seeing themselves portrayed in funny little drawings and they can also take it home with them as a keepsake that can decorate their room. When you hire a caricature artist for your party, the sketch in itself can work as the personalized birthday return gift too. has done extensive research in identifying the best caricature artists in your city and can book your chosen caricature artist for your party date at no extra cost. You only need to pay the caricature artist for the reserved time. Just another way of thanking our dear customers for their patronage for

Why should I get a caricature artist for my son’s birthday?

Having a caricature artist for your child’s birthday party will give the guests, especially the children a fun time to indulge in and witness how magical it is to themselves drawn on a piece of paper in a comic way. Caricature is relatively new and attracts a lot of people who are familiar with cartoons caricatures in newspapers and magazines. A lot of artists make caricature drawings on objects such as mugs, plates, etc. which amazes the audience even more and makes them get something like that for themselves too. Birthday caricatures have a special element to them. When you have a caricature artist for birthday party, the art remains extremely dear to the guests and it works as the best return gift or as some might call it a keepsake for the guests. We can assure you that we have researched and found out the best caricature artists across Bangalore who can make simple caricatures, more artistic ones, colorful caricatures, ones that can be done on mugs or plates, that can last for a really long time. You can decide what type of caricature art do you want for yourself and that is exactly what you will get. Having a caricature artist will be a new experience for your guests of all age groups and you should definitely give it a try.

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