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Chandresh Ramshankar Tiwari

Sent on 02-July-2019
Chandresh Ramshankar Tiwari

Sent on 02-July-2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

Keep the metal items with you and donate the remaining to the purohit.

No, it has to be performed by only one couple at a time.

All about Satyanarayana Vrath In Mumbai

Satyanarayana is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is known to be the personification of truth. The Satyanarayana puja is usually performed on Purnima of each month or before or after any auspicious occasion such as Marriage, House inauguration, ChildBirth, etc. This Pujan, when performed with reverence and sincerity ensures prosperity, abundance, general happiness and well being of the family members. The puja starts with Ganesh pujan to remove all the obstacles. Another part of this pooja includes Navagraha puja which is the ceremonial worship of nine planets to nullify doshas and flaws in birth horoscopes. The ritual starts with reciting five kathas of lord Sathyanarayana and it is followed by havan and prasadam distribution to the guests. Let’s hire a pandit now in Mumbai.

Benefits of Satyanarayana Vratham

1.Performing this puja helps one to overcome any obstacle and hurdles they come across in life and helps one attain what one desires.

2.It can also improve the physical and mental health of individuals drastically.

3.It can help devotees enjoy a fulfilling material life and increases overall familial prosperity too.

4.Any negative doshas will be cured with the blessings of Lord Satyanarayana.

5.It can remove all sins from the past life and their influence on present life.

6.The ‘Satyanarayan katha’ and the ‘vrat’ help us overcome vices like lust, anger, greed, attachments and ego.

Do’s of Satyanarayan Pooja

1.Devotees should fast until the Vrath is over.

2.Best day to perform this Pujan is Poornima so it should be planned accordingly.

3.The Vratham can be performed in the morning or preferably in the evening time after taking a bath.

4.The Sathyanarayan puja is generally done before major occasions of life, such as housewarming or marriage ceremony.

Don’ts of Satyanarayan Pooja

1.You should avoid non-vegetarian food during the given day.

2.One should not leave from the middle of the Satyanarayana kathas.

3.Worshippers should not leave without taking the Prasadam.

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