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Frequently Asked Questions

The painting quotation is calculated only after the painter inspect the location and then provide the suitable price per sq ft.

Our experienced home painters take care of pre paint work like sanding the wall with sand paper to remove the old paint, Filling putty on the walls for smooth and crack free walls and priming the wall to seal stains.

Our professional painters in Bangalore provide variety of painting services as required by the customer.

House painting contractors do care about the cleaning work after the painting work is completed. They also take specific safety measures to protect your furniture and other house amenities . Clean and spill free.

We charge Rs.99 as inspection and visiting charges which will be waived off if the services are availed.

All about Painter In Bangalore

If there is one job that confuses us the most, it is getting our house painted to make it feel like home. The right colors, artistic patterns, textures, highlights, all of this becomes too much to take in if every family member has an opinion in it. Knowing this, we at are in association with a number of painting contractors near you who are highly experienced and talented, and who will help you in every step of getting your house painted. We are also open for exterior house painting, wall decorations, and commercial painting. So if you ever need to hire a painter in Bangalore for any of your painting services, remember that along with providing a complete package, we also fulfill customization requests in painting your walls. This means that everyone can have a say in what type of paint they want, and our painters will make it possible for them.

Types of painters

Exterior painters - if you don’t take good care of your walls outside the house, then it wouldn’t be too late before the problems creep into the walls inside the house. In order to take care of this problem, we at, have contacted the best exterior painters in your area, who specialize particularly in exterior wall painting, and have years of experience in the same. They can take care of all types of exterior paintings be it a residential building, row house, bungalow, commercial building, school, college, etc. which will help you to keep your walls safe and stylish for a long period of time.

Interior painters - a time comes in everyone’s life when they need to finalize the color of their walls at their newly bought homes. This is also the area where one mistake can cost your way too much, which can also at times be irretrievable. Our painters at have years of experience in painting the walls inside the house to make it feel like home. All you have to do is share the idea of how you want your walls to look like, and our painters will take care of the rest, with full guarantee of committing no mistakes while painting your dream home.

Wall decorators - it is impossible for humans to detach themselves from art, especially in the place that they learn to call home. Our very first interaction with our home is through walls, and what better way to make them look artistic other than decorating them using the latest technologies? We have got it covered for you at Our wall decorators have done extensive research to understand the need for urban and semi-urban homes and the ways in which these walls can be decorated. You only need to select what you want on your wall and they will deliver exactly what you expect.

These Are The Reasons Why It Is Time To Hire a Painter:

It is very difficult to find time to get even smaller repair work done in a city like Bangalore, let alone painting the walls. With by your side, it will be easier for you to hire a painter and schedule the appointment according to your convenience and time disposability. There are several times when your walls beg you for new paint, but these three are the most crucial ones:

Common paint problems - Problems like cracking or flaking appears when all the steps of painting are not followed properly or due to cheap paints. It can be solved with the right mix of primer and good quality of paint, which will be assured by our painters while carrying out the house painting. Then there is mildew, which appears on a wall dampened due to some reason, and will also need the right solution of primer and paint.

Peeling paint - Paint can start peeling from your walls if they were dirty before painting, excess moisture in the area, improper preparation, etc. It is important to notice this as soon as it occurs and get it cleaned and repainted as soon as possible before all your relatively newly painted walls start peeling.

Paint cracking on walls - Mud cracking occurs when there is too much paint applied on walls unnecessarily. It is best to get rid of what is extra and get the best quality of work done on your walls. Thick paints are generally used to cover earlier cracks or holes, which is not the right way of dealing with such walls. You can trust our painters to take care of all the problems with their experience and expertise.

Cancellation and Refunds is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Email or Call +91 9606944405 with your service order number to quickly resolve the issue in case of a refund.

To cancel your service order, please contact as soon as possible before the service delivery.

Cancellation Policy:

We do understand there can be days when the plans don't work, No need to worry!

  1. Cancellation before 24 hrs: If you cancel before 24hrs, we refund the online booking amount paid to
  2. Cancellation within 24 hrs: If the cancellation is within 24 hrs of the service, then refund is not possible as the vendor would have blocked his time and started the preparations.
Refund Policy:

What about refund after cancellation?

If the vendor did not show up after the booking amount is paid, on those unfortunate occasions we do refund 2x (2 times) the booking amount if only online payment is done through

The refund amount for the service orders paid via online or credit/debit card will be refunded within 2-5 working days from the date of initiating the refund through the online account.

The JCash(Promo cash) refunds will be credited back to the account in 2-5 working days.

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