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Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to pay any advance amount to the electrician before the work. Only if the materials have to be procured by the electrician on customers choice.

There are no visiting charges for the electrician but only if the service is not availed after the electrician visits home, customer needs to pay a minimum of Rs.99 to the electrician.

The electrical service provider covers household, commercial and industrial works.

All about Electrician In Bangalore

One can hardly be attentive to our housework in a city like Bangalore, where all your time goes in either working or partying till late at night. We are sure that all Bangalore people can make use of some support that we have to offer, most importantly with something that will need an expert. Any faulty wire or electrical equipment repair will need someone who has experience and expertise to solve the problem in the best way possible. We at have found the most experienced electricians in your vicinity for your every ‘electrician near me’ search. These electrical works do get problematic if left unchecked for a long time. Hence we suggest you book a licensed electrician with us as soon as you need assistance with electrical maintenance. We will make sure that you get the required service at the time decided by you and your work gets done efficiently.

Safety measures to take during the electrical work:

There will be a lot of times when you will encounter a broken wire, which is also not guarded by any bad conductor of electricity, or you might see a short circuit that might have left damaged equipment and broken plugs. First of all, you shouldn’t be hasty about it.

1. First thing to keep in mind is to switch off the electric supply from the main switch board before going further to check with the issue.

2. Always make sure that you use things made up of ONLY the bad conductors of electricity such as wood, plastic, bamboo to investigate the damage. Make use of rubber shoes and gloves, and wooden sticks.

3. Avoid repairing anything you have no knowledge about.

4. Make sure that the entire wiring in the house is in accordance with proper earthing arrangements and covered appropriately.

5. Always hire a licensed electrician for and electrical service, even for smaller repairs and installations.

Save time and money with best electrician services on

Experiencing an adult life in Bangalore might not always have its perks but our team does make it easier for you when it comes to any electrical issue. We are not just concerned with electrical maintenance at home but also with industrial and commercial buildings that might need an electrician. Commercial and industrial buildings might have burnt out bulbs, flickering lights, dead outlets, unprotected wiring, and so on. Our electricians have all the knowledge and expertise required to treat such problems and solve them. Our electricians get all the necessary equipment that will ensure the safety of both our customers as well as our electricians. They are licensed and make it a point to approach the problem professionally and technically. Our only suggestion to all our customers is to get professional help and advice from electrical contractors to refrain from allowing any mishap.

Cancellation and Refunds is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Email or Call +91 9606944405 with your service order number to quickly resolve the issue in case of a refund.

To cancel your service order, please contact as soon as possible before the service delivery.

Cancellation Policy:

We do understand there can be days when the plans don't work, No need to worry!

  1. Cancellation before 24 hrs: If you cancel before 24hrs, we refund the online booking amount paid to
  2. Cancellation within 24 hrs: If the cancellation is within 24 hrs of the service, then refund is not possible as the vendor would have blocked his time and started the preparations.
Refund Policy:

What about refund after cancellation?

If the vendor did not show up after the booking amount is paid, on those unfortunate occasions we do refund 2x (2 times) the booking amount if only online payment is done through

The refund amount for the service orders paid via online or credit/debit card will be refunded within 2-5 working days from the date of initiating the refund through the online account.

The JCash(Promo cash) refunds will be credited back to the account in 2-5 working days.

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