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Adriana Erdmann

Hi There, so my yoga journey started with my beautiful instructor Neha in Year 2017,I never tried Yoga before but thought of doing it with some meditation to begin with. I wanted to have classes at home in our garden area at American Embassy,i found out Neha who is actually efficient yoga instructor who started teaching my POWER YOGA,MEDITATIONS.She also varied it with diet advise,asthang yoga and some exercises so that a person cannot get bored of doing same routine everyday. I am quite happy with the results,lost some pounds,feeling great inside and outside with my skin.Shes quite flexible with her timings etc.She always make sure to have that contact with her clients,she is quite friendly and calm. I would highly recommended Neha's Yoga.

Sent on 16-January-2020
Geetha Yamini

I want a personal yoga trainer for weight loss. Please contact me

Sent on 10-November-2019
Thrupthi m s


Sent on 18-October-2019

Nice trainer

Sent on 16-October-2019
Niraj Mishra

Nice yoga class

Sent on 12-October-2019

Very good yoga training

Sent on 12-October-2019

i want someone who can train me yoga in a traditional indian way.

Sent on 04-October-2019
N S Kanchan

Hii I am 27 year old boy. Height is 5'7 and weighr is 53kg... I tried everything to gain weight.. But couldn't.. So I am thinking of joining yoga classes to gain weighr and reduce stress.. Pls advice.. Regards, N S Kanchan

Sent on 15-September-2019

Sent on 12-September-2019

Can not say enough great things about Neha, my yoga instructor from New Delhi, India. I got introduced to her by one of my friend who lives in New Delhi. I live in Dubai and visit Delhi couple of times in a year. Due to my work which requires me to sit for 7-8 hours in front of the computer left my back and my wrist in frequent pain. I had visited the chiropractor multiple times to no avail. Whenever I visit Delhi meeting my yoga teacher Neha is a must for me and I always visit her twice or thrice in a week (depending upon my stay in delhi) for 90 minute long private lessons and can not say how great it was. I had done Yoga in the past but nothing compared to what Neha introduced me to. Not only is she knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough; she is friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around. After a few sessions, I felt stronger and my pain went away completely. I can not say enough great things about Neha’s classes and her teaching methodologies. It is simply fantastic! Thank you so much Neha Massey.

Sent on 23-August-2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

The instructor will start with easy yoga asanas like vriksasana, bhujangasana, etc, and will later move on to difficult ones like Utthita Hasta Padangustasana, Garudasana, Salabhasana, etc.

It depends upon which yoga instructor you opt for. Not all of our yoga instructors provide power yoga training.

Yes. However, meditation is practiced only after the yoga sessions as it helps in relaxing the body.

If you wish to join a yoga centre, then you may attend a free trial session. However, you may have to book our shortest plan or hire an instructor on trial basis for a day or two.

All about Yoga In Bangalore

Yoga has been in the Indian lifestyle since time immemorial, which is also incidentally why we have a history of healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Yoga aasanas are a reflection of various movements we see in nature that connects human beings with their souls more than any other exercise. If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you will find yourself talking about a balanced and fit lifestyle rather than constantly worrying about use of yoga for weight loss. Yoga keeps a body in the best shape, flexible, and flaunt worthy. At we have found you the best yoga instructors who will bring back the spiritual connection for you. We also have the best personal yoga trainers in Bangalore who will be available according to your schedule. Just don’t forget to be healthy.

How often should we do yoga and why?

Yoga is not just a form of exercise for fitness, instead, it’s a lifestyle. It helps your body to slowly but steadily overcome stiffness, digestive problems, back pain, headache, fatigue, and many such ailments that are a part and parcel of an urban lifestyle. A yoga instructor will teach you yoga asanas that will transform your body into a spiritually and physically healthy one. A change, which was not possible earlier. has contacted the best yoga instructors and yoga classes at affordable prices across Bangalore so that you can enrol in a yoga class at your convenience. We are pleased to bring our new service to your notice, which has the ability to change your life forever. We also have personal yoga trainers who will be available at the time and venue of your choice. A lot of people opt yoga for weight loss, which should not be an immediate goal but the ultimate achievement of every yoga practitioner. And we will help you reach there.

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