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He was my personal instructor for 7 months . I could see a change in my lifestyle with his varied workouts and I achieved my goal within the timelines .

Sent on 22-October-2019

He has been my trainer from almost a year now. He puts in alot of efforts.

Sent on 22-October-2019
Raghu krishnamurthy

I hav been training with him since last 3+ years. Super effective, good person to bring in a change to your body !!

Sent on 22-October-2019

Sent on 21-October-2019

Sent on 21-October-2019

He's very gud personal trainer Quite good person Value for money Friendly nature person And awesome PT....

Sent on 21-October-2019

Very good trainer, am also support helth exercise tips smooth handling nice person

Sent on 16-October-2019
Dr.Aayush Patankar

I cannot think of a better coach than him, happy to train with a professional who knows so much and with no false promises.Manage to lose 7 kgs in 2 months time ,with home based exercise schedule .I can vouch for him.

Sent on 07-September-2019

Amazing person Atul Kapoor. He knows his work very well and results are pretty good.

Sent on 11-August-2019

He is very polite and confident in his work. He is helping me to achieve my fitness goals. Thanks a lot atul kapoor.

Sent on 10-August-2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness trainers must have a certificate from a recognized body such as Register for Exercise Professionals. Also, they must also possess certificates in first aid and public liability insurance.

A personal fitness trainer charges around Rs. 400 onwards per session, which usually lasts for an hour. If you hire a personal fitness trainer to train you at home, their prices increase Rs. 700 to Rs. 800 per session.

They will start with a warm up session and switch to cardio, stretching, and strength training as soon as they see it fit.

If it’s a personal fitness trainer then it depends upon the number of days you hire them for. However, they usually train for 5 to 6 days a week.

They are the same as long as the fitness trainer will guide you personally. A personal fitness trainer will have a more individual approach, whereas a gym trainer will be general yet careful in their training.

All about Fitness Trainer In Bangalore

Each of us have a unique body and so are its needs. A fitness trainer helps you to understand how your body is different from all others and how you should be more careful about its needs without comparing it to the objectifications we come across. A fitness trainer or a workout trainer is the most useful for those who have unpredictable working hours, and still wish to take care of their health and fitness. We don’t give enough credit to our body for making everyday possible for us and when we have so many options to choose from, we must definitely hire a fitness trainer who can help us reward our physical being by making the right choices for it. has many fitness trainers across Bangalore, who have done significantly well in training people and love to help you in the same way.

When should we hire a fitness trainer?

A fitness trainer is useful when you have decided to work out and you even have the time for it but you lack motivation. A fitness trainer will have a one-on-one approach with you that will motivate you and keep you updated regularly with the progress. People who might not be so good at time management must also hire a fitness trainer as they will help you to be on track with your fitness regime, which will often leave you with a lot of strength and free time at your disposal to do other leisure activities. has a number of fitness trainers in Bangalore who will help you stick to your fitness or weight losing plans and get you closer to your goal with each passing day. Fitness trainers also help you with the kind of diet you must have according to your goal, and keep a check on all your unhealthy eating practices. Hiring a fitness trainer will be the best thing you will do for yourself and we are always ready to help.

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