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Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Remember those days when a Spiderman or Mickey Mouse themed cake and balloons were all your kid needed to have a great birthday celebration. Now suddenly, in the blink of an eye, your child isn’t so little anymore. Teenage has hit and your child is now growing into an individual with a mind of their own. But does that change things? Not one bit! Birthdays are as special as ever. Your teenager needs you to step up on your organizing game more than ever and here we are, as usual, by your side, to give you ideas that will net you great parenting win!

1.Gaming party

gaming party for teenagers or kids

How many times have you threatened to unplug the gaming console? Plenty, we are sure! Teenagers love gaming and while you would ideally love for their screen time to reduce a bit, you also acknowledge that this is one of their passions. So why not throw a party that celebrates their interest?

You need :

A gaming console, gaming accessories and a cool game that your young guests would love to play.

Party tips :

Give your guests a t-shirt with a personalized message like ‘Gamer Dude’ as they come in. Having game contests with multiple players will make for an ideal utilization of time. Print out a points charts (to write down scores), bring in quick bites in between breaks and join in on the fun!

2.Movie party

Movie party for kids during birthday party

This classic idea never goes out of fashion. Now that your kids are older, you can go all out with your party ideas without worrying about things like little hands putting glitter into their mouths! Dim the lights, set up a big screen tv with home theatre effect and pull out the cozy bedding. There is nothing quite like the sound of carefree laughter.

You need :

Good speakers, comfortable space to hold all guests, popcorn and film-related return gifts like posters, caps and collectibles.

Party tips :

Surprise your guests by simulating a real movie experience. Put up posters around of the movie to be screened along with other mock posters of your child and their friends with harmless banter like ‘The boy who once woke up before 11 am’ or the sort. Once your guests are in, play some mock ads! Create funny two-minute videos or memes and play them for some guaranteed laughs. Have an interval time and pass around some typical movie snacks like popcorn, soda, nachos and samosas.

3.Sports party

sports party for kids

If your kid loves nothing more than a hard fought game at the sports ground, forget the conventional and go sporty! Chances are their friends love that sport too, so you don’t have to try too hard to get their attention. Phew! Teenagers aren’t exactly easy to please! So how should you go about it? Narrow down on a sport like a cricket, football or volleyball that can include most of your guests and start playing!

You need :

Sports equipment according to the sport like bats, balls and net. Safety gear like helmets and knee pads.  Good music, a microphone and a spacious ground.

Party tips :

Twist the rules! Make it fun and challenging at the same time. Provide custom team t-shirts and hire a professional entertainer who can double down as your umpire and provide some comical moments throughout the day. You can print out funny posters for the event to be put at the venue which will warm your guests up to the fun time ahead. Fix up a caterer and offer a nutritious spread for the budding sportspersons. Don’t forget to award trophies! Anyone who attends such a fabulous party is the winner, right?

4.Pyjama party

fun pyjama party for kids or teenagers

This universally loved party idea promises to never let you down. Teenagers love sleepovers and when there are cake, music and a whole lot of dancing and gossip involved, the excitement goes up the roof. Simple to plan, easy in the pocket, here is our pick right here for your child’s birthday.

You need :

Comfortable bedding for the guests, party decorations like balloons, streamers and piñata. Board games or other entertainment options and plenty of snacks and drinks to last the whole night.

Party tips :

Pyjama parties usually happen in your child’s bedroom but if there is a space constraint, you can move around the furniture and take it up to the living room. Providing bed sheets, pillows to everyone is an essential part of the party and if you are unable to source it, you can specify in the invite that the guests can bring their own pillows or sleeping bags whichever they are comfortable in. Sure, it’s a pyjama party but you can pick a theme like cupcakes for example and plan your decoration around it. You can also do a ‘decorate your own cupcake’ kind of activity by providing all ingredients on a table. Another cool idea is to hire a professional to come home and give your guests a spa treatment. Now, who can say no to that?

Your teenager may not always put their affection for you in words but when they see the extra effort you put in to host a birthday party according to their taste, their faces are sure to be lit bright and you, dear parents, might just see the mushy side of your big kid!


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