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Make-Up Removal Tips Curated Straight From The Experts

It rained compliments for you at the party. Your skin, your lipstick, your mascara, your accessories- not a hair out of place. What a great confidence booster to take home but if you think plopping down on the bed with all that make-up on to continue looking gorgeous as you sleep is a good idea, think again. Going to bed without scrubbing off the make-up is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. The second worst is removing it the wrong way. Leaving make-up on or scrubbing hard with soap and water may cause damage to the skin leading to cracks and acne. Moreover, they could also cause you infections. How to avoid such a situation? Follow these tips curated straight from the experts’ mouth.

1.Choosing the right make-up remover

makeup remover for dryskin or oily skin

You already have a moisturizer, a sunscreen and a compact powder suited to your skin, so why buy a generic make-up remover? Yes, we know the market is flooded with so many brands and types, but which one should you use? Here’s the information you need.

  • Dry skin

For dry skin, you need a cleanser that is oily or creamy so that it retains moisture when you are finished scrubbing. Foamy ones will do the job well too.

  • Oily skin

If you have oily skin, check for a cleanser that has salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide so that it can soak the excess oil and leave your skin feeling soft but not sticky.

  • Sensitive skin

With sensitive skin, a hard or strong cleanser is a big no. Do not choose a product where you have to rub your skin vigorously to get the make-up out. Foam-based products are not advised due to potential damage. Instead, opt for water or cream based products that should get the make-up out without leaving much residue.

2.Face steam

face steam to remove makeup

You can invest in products worth thousands and still not get the efficiency of this simple homemade hack to get rid of your make-up. Steam loosens your pores and helps you scrub off the make-up more effectively. Here are the steps to follow :

  • Boil some water in a big saucepan. It should be pretty steamy.
  • Sit down comfortably and take your face closer to the pan (carefully) so your face receives the steam. You can add a drop of lavender or eucalyptus oil for an added spa-like effect.
  • Now you’re ready to gently apply a layer of cleanser and wash off with warm water.

3.Micellar water

bride removing makeup using the micellar water

If you have not heard of Micellar water, you probably live on another planet. Just kidding! But it is hard to miss hearing or seeing about this product as all major cosmetic companies call it the ‘magic potion’ for make-up removal. A legacy of the French cosmetic industry, micellar water is made up of purified water and hydrating ingredients.

When you add a few drops of micellar water to a cotton ball and swab it across your skin, the residue make-up, dirt and other microparticles stick to it leaving you with fresh and clean skin and no side effects. Another cool feature of micellar water is that it is light and has moisturizing properties so you don’t have to rinse again after cleaning with the cotton bud. Your skin also stays hydrated, a big boon for those who face the problem of acne.

4.Eye make-up removal

eye makeup removal  using a makeup remover

You’ve got yourself a highly rated cleanser and you loved using it until you used it on your eyes. Puffy, itchy, panda-like, what happened there? The simple answer- your cleanser may not be suited to your eyes. Dermatologists say that the skin surrounding our eyes is a delicate one so any harsh cleaning or using strong chemicals around it (even if it may suit your skin) is not good for you. Removing make-up from the area around your eyes is a tad different from your average routine. Here are a few handy tips :

  • Use a soft dual property cleanser that has both oil and water, irrespective of your skin type. This will ensure make-up removal without drying out your skin too much.
  • The innocent looking cotton ball could be your enemy if you don’t use it properly. If you like using a dark coat of mascara, the temptation is to rub vigorously back and forth to get it out quickly but by doing it, you will crease your skin. Use a flat piece of cotton and clean it in short downward strokes for the inner area and long lines from left to right for the outer area.

5.Make-up wipes

bride removing makeup using makeup wipes

They are quick, easy and portable, so why not directly skip to this step? If only life were that simple! Make-up wipes are a great first step of make-up removal. But many make the mistake of stopping there. Cosmetic products, especially foundation, mascara and concealers often leave residue behind and a wipe alone will not help scrub your skin off them. Read these pointers to get your routine right.

  • Always use gentle and non-scented wipes specially made for make-up removal.
  • Start from the middle of your face which traditionally has the bulk of make-up and make outward strokes.
  • If you are wearing waterproof make-up, just a wipe will not do. You will need to use a cleanser that is specifically made to tackle waterproof make-up especially eye make-up.

After all this, do remember that no matter how fancy your cleanser is, you still need to do a final wash with water to ensure that you eliminate all traces of make-up and those of the cleanser too. Clean face, a clean slate and a happy heart, isn’t that the ideal way to call it a night?

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