Invitations To Match Your Style

Invitation cards- how complicated can they be? Agreed, but before you dismiss them as a trivial task ahead of your event’s preparations, consider this. Your invitation card is the gateway to your wedding or birthday celebrations. There are cards for each occasion and colours that suit them.

The card you select sets the tone, the mood and the theme of the event, something you would ideally prefer the guests knew about when they arrive at the venue. Most importantly, your invitation card represents you. Now, we can’t let that be just any other ordinary card, can we? Here are some tips to choose the perfect invitation card according to the occasion.


Wedding invitation card design

To zero down on a wedding invitation card that suits you most, do consider these points.

  • Type of wedding

You may choose to have a big, fat Bollywood style wedding or a small one at a place of worship, whichever you decide, ensure that your invitation card matches that.

For luxurious weddings, you can opt for an ‘invitation hamper’ like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli did, which consists of a bag or box that consists of sweets, dry fruits, a gift, and the actual invitation card. Red and gold are the traditional Indian wedding colors, but if you want an international style, we suggest beige, white and gold. You can even opt for a glitter or gloss finish if you like.

Don’t have the cricket captain’s budget? Not to worry, a single side on handmade or textured card stock goes easy on the pocket. Recyclable paper is another good choice that looks good and nets you wish from Mother Nature too!

  • Utility

wedding invitation design

Are you the kind who believes in the traditional purpose of an invitation card, that is, to convey the date, time and venue only or are you the sort who likes to treat it as a wedding keepsake? If you are the former, we suggest a clean, basic cotton fiber card with a light background and bold font. For those who want to add in a cartoon, picture, quote or a story-like message, remember to choose a card that is spacious yet not too bulky. Always remember, heavier your invitation, more your postage expense! This card would be high on graphics so be sure to select a base that can take heavy digital printing. Linen finish is our top pick.


birthday invitation

When it comes to designing birthday invitations, there is a plethora of options online like readymade templates. You can even get mass Mickey Mouse or Elsa birthday invitation card packs, but these aren’t the kind of cards that make you sit up and take notice. For that, you need to put in a little thought into your invitation cards. Here are a few pointers :

- Milestone Birthdays

Some birthdays are more special than others. Notable ones include the first birthday, fifth, thirteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth and senior ones like sixty and eighty. During such occasions, an average card will not do. For a colourful and vibrant texture, we suggest a glossy paper stock. You can put in the birthday child’s picture or some other bright graphic and it will have a lively appearance.  Looking for something more sophisticated yet eye-catching? Check out marble paper cards.

- Budget cards

You want a unique invitation card for your child’s birthday, but you don’t want to spend too much on it, here’s what you should do -DIY! (Do It Yourself). Just get yourself a pack of plain paper stock cards (or simply paste glossy paper onto felt paper sheets) and get innovating. Stick some sprinkles onto a paper cut like lollipop and you will have a cute design. You can use pom pom too and create designs like cake, icecream, kites and flowers that suit your theme. Use beads, jiggly eyes and everyone’s favorite- washi tape to turn plain invitation envelopes into a work of art.

3.Baby shower/ Naming ceremony/Housewarming

baby shower invitation

There is a certain old world charm to these functions so why not choose an invitation card that’s vintage too? Handmade paper, made from natural fibers have a classic and timeless quality to them, making it a good choice for such traditional events. You can either print on them or keep them as the outer cover with a printed card inside if you prefer. The only downside to this is that handmade paper is not mass produced so go for it only if you are comfortable with its pricing.

4.Business-related invitation

business invitation cards

For anything related to work, like new office space inaugurations,  conferences or light gatherings, it pays to have an invitation card that is formal and elegant. After all, such occasions are not only a way to forge stronger ties with customers but are also crucial to create new business. To showcase a sleek and metallic finish, you can check out Mylar paper that can be pasted atop a linen or cotton fiber card.  You can also try out a layer of vellum paper, a transparent, tracing paper kind of sheet that gives your invitation card, a cool and professional look.

Important tips:


What looks good on the screen may not necessarily be readable if the font size is reduced, so don’t forget to do a trial run before you hit the print button. The golden rule of invitation printing is to use a bold font on light base and vice versa. Do not break this, please!


If the invitation card is Batman, the envelope is Robin. They are a pair and need to look like one. If you have an embossed symbol on the card (a Ganesha or carnation for example), you should have it printed on the envelope too. But be careful not to go overboard with your envelope design. At the end of the day, its function is to hold the card in place. An innovative new trend of today is to avoid paper envelopes and using glassine paper. Along with being water and grease resistant, it gives a rich first look to your invitation card.

Choose your invitation card wisely and have fun while you do it. After all, such wonderful occasions don’t come every day.

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