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An Engagement Ring - A Life-Long Commitment

Looking for an engagement ring? This is all you need to know

Love is in the air! What a beautiful feeling it is to know you have found ‘The one.’ Whether you are the romantic guy who is making an elaborate proposal for his girl or an enthusiastic bride-to-be who wants to be at the center of the wedding planning, you should know that it all starts with the engagement ring.

Don’t underestimate the importance of an engagement ring. This is no ordinary piece of jewelry. An engagement ring is a symbol of the life-long commitment you make to your partner and deserves to be as special as your love story. But with so many types to choose from, which one should you select? We may know a thing or two. Read on!

1.Ring setting

What is a ring setting? Well, it is the

base on which your precious jewel will rest. Like your relationship, let this process of choosing a ring begin with a solid foundation. Better not be lax about that, right? Here are a few popular types :

  • Solitaire setting

solitaire ring setting for engagement

Think of solitaire and the image of a big diamond ring comes to mind. You are right! This universally loved setting is for those whose like their centerpiece stone to be big and bold. In this setting, a metal hook called prong keeps the stone in place. Since it has very little metal of its own, it lets more light pass through the stone, giving it a dazzling touch.  But be wary of the prong. It could loosen if not checked and tightened regularly.

  • Bezel setting

Bezel ring setting for engagement

Bezel setting is a little like the solitaire setting in the sense that the center stone is the hero of the story. But the similarities end there. Instead of the prong that needs regular checks to make sure it is holding the stone in place, here you will have a thin frame-like metal rim that will surround the stone tightly. It may not shine as bright as the solitaire setting but makes it less likely for the stone to pop out and keeps your investment safe.

  • Channel setting

channel setting ring for wedding engagements

In a channel setting, there may or may not be a significant center stone because the whole ring, including the band area, is a sparkling one. Here, the band is filled with stones -little diamonds or other white stones, in a channel leading up to the center. This makes the whole package attractive and turns out to be the perfect accessory for any occasion. The only downside is the maintenance. More stones mean more delicate use and frequent polishing.

2.Type of metal

Here in India, we have traditionally been a gold crazy nation (and still continue to be so) but many couples of today believe in bucking the trend and going for something unconventional like silver, platinum or even titanium!  Some do it the smart way- incorporate two elements to it like a gold setting and a diamond stud to make it a cool balance of the old and the new. So what are the metals you should look at? Check these out.

  • Yellow Gold

yellow gold ring

The classic choice. The higher the carat, the more striking and durable the metal will be. If yellow gold seems too “boring” to you, why not try rose gold? Yes, they look sleek on smartphones so why not wear them as a ring too?

  • Platinum

platinum ring for engagement

Platinum bands have enjoyed a soaring popularity in recent times and it’s not hard to see why. Platinum is shiny, hard and hard resistant to scratches, making it an ideal metal for an engagement ring which you will wear every day, if you have the budget for it. Not just that, if your ring has more than 75% purity your chances of getting a skin infection or itching due to the metal is very less.

  • Silver

silver ring for wedding

Silver is the original white metal, a kind-of lesser gifted brother of gold that paces about, waiting for its turn to shine. But don’t underestimate the power of silver. This brilliant metal with its bright texture, smooth finish and attractive market value provide several health benefits. Silver is known to be an anti-allergic agent that keeps infections and viruses at bay. It is also believed to regulate the heart and blood circulation. Plus, it looks great! The only caution when you buy a silver is that it scratches easily when compared to other metals. One way of fixing this issue is to shop with a seller who can give you a layer of fortified metal like rhodium on top.


The beauty of a precious stone, say a diamond, is that each piece is unique. A cut helps you redefine the look of the stone to a shape of your choice while retaining that unique factor. The cut is an essential part of determining the look of your ring so, eyes open! Choose well!

  • Traditional round brilliant cut

traditional round cut ring for engagement

Probably the most common cut of them all, the traditional round brilliant cut is cone-shaped and is cut off at the top, making it an ideal shape to get maximum light through it.

  • Princess cut

princess cut for engagement

No prizes for guessing why brides across the world go weak in the knees for a princess cut ring. As the name suggests, this ring has a royal feel to it with its square shape, pointed corners and a channel that is filled with little gems.

  • Oval cut

oval cut ring

Planning to get an engagement ring that has all the bling in a no-holds-barred approach? The oval cut with its perfect symmetry and an emphasis on the centerpiece is tailor-made for you. We recommend a bezel setting for a trendy look but you can opt for any other setting and score a super cool aura around your ring too.


Before you go rushing to pick up an engagement ring, do read these notes of caution from us :

  1. Choose a ring not just for its looks but also its functionality. If you are allergic to a certain metal, there is no point buying one even if it looks really good and isn’t a burden to your finances.
  2. Ring size matters the most. You don’t want the ring to sit too smug or too lose as it has the potential to irritate your skin.
  3. Always, and we can’t stress this enough. Always buy only from a certified jeweler so you get the quality you pay for.


Shopping for an engagement ring for yourself or for your partner is such a fun exercise! This symbol of togetherness for entity grows closer to you daily just like the relationship itself. Care for it, nurture it and cherish it, you will find all the happiness you are looking for.
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