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Delight Your Guests With Live Entertainers

Your kid’s birthday is coming soon.

Sure, you are excited as a parent to make the Big Day memorable and wonderful for your little one.

Birthday invites to your kid’s friends? Check.

Food? Check.

Drinks? Check.

Decoration? Check.

Entertainment? OOPS!

Getting your kid to listen to you is a task you know better than anyone and now getting 20 or so kids in one place and making them all behave while not letting the fun part go is a humongous task.

When you get cute but not so obedient kids under one roof, things might go wrong if left unsupervised like kids drawing on walls, toddlers fight, spilling food, and worse any kid complaining to be bored…!

Why not avoid any such situation by getting them engaged with something fun, magical and exciting at the birthday party.

We are talking about live entertainers for your kid’s birthday party. You can do it yourself or hire professional entertainers who are qualified experts at handling kids of different age group and keep the kids, as well as your friends engaged. (The latter option will save you a headache, and you can focus on food arrangement or other things).

Without further ado, let us check out these fun and fresh ideas for different entertainers at your kids’ birthday. Pick any of these that interest you to avoid the horror of bored kids high on energy who are up for mischief.

1. Marvellous Magician

Magician in birthday party

Magic fantasizes people of all ages, including children. You can add sparkle to your little one’s Big Day by hiring a magician. Getting the magician to perform a colourful, comedy style routine will get all the kids involved and make the birthday boy or girl the center of attention. The kids will not leave him even after his unforgettable show is over.

2. Go Crazy with the Juggler

Juggler for birthday

Another engaging form of fabulous entertainment for a children's party is having a Juggler’s act. Wearing bright coloured costumes Juggler combines impressive skills with a healthy dose of humour to give a fun packed powerhouse act by juggling child-friendly objects. The juggler may even try to teach the older kids (if present) how to juggle.

3. Entertaining Mascots

Disney mascot for kids birthday

You want your kid’s birthday party filled with lots of excitement and fun and having the entertaining mascots is one way to fulfill your kid’s desire to meet his favourite mascot. Therefore, if your kid likes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Energizer Bunny, Captain Falcon or any other character that he prefers to have in his party, you can have an entertaining mascot that brings happiness to every kid’s face. There would also be a meet and greet session and kids will have super fun enjoying party with mascots.

4. Joker adding the Fun element

Joker and charlie posing

Humour is and will always be an excellent addition to parties. Besides whenever we think of entertainment of kid’s party, the first thing that strikes our mind is joker making everyone laugh with his mind-boggling silly antics. So hire a joker to add more fun and laughter at your kid’s birthday party.

5. Face Painters

Face painting at birthday party

Suitable for younger kids’ parties, face painting will add more fun to your children’s party if you include dance or some games. Kids get their face painted in pretty butterflies, tigers, wild animals or their favourite superheroes. Don’t worry about the chemical-laden paints because the professional face painters only use child safe, hypoallergenic, water-based materials on kids face. So your little darlings can wear their new look for the entire party.

6. Balloon Modeller

Balloon modeller at party

No child ever says no for a balloon. What better way to entertain the kids with a balloon modeller. Although more suited for kids of primary school age, balloon modelling keeps people of all age groups entertained. Kids will be fascinated by observing the transformation of long thin balloons inflating and then twisting at lightning speed into a monkey or a pony, or a vehicle. Also, kids will get to keep the sculptures.

7. Puppeteer

Puppeteer at kids birthday party

Another interactive and engaging idea for entertaining at your child’s birthday party is to have the puppeteer. Not only will the puppets give extra attention to the birthday boy or girl, but also the puppeteer stage will be the central location for kids to sit around, as they will watch the magic appear.

To sum up, the joker, mascots, live entertainers can entertain your kid’s birthday party and uplift the mood of the party by keeping all the kids happy and engaging. Therefore, when the kids are busy with the live entertainers, mascots and balloon modellers, the parents feel more relaxed and can enjoy the party as well. Moreover, these entertainers can allow the parents to host their guests in a better way and make their party a real success with lots of fun activity and entertainment, thus keeping kids and their parents happy and satisfied.
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