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Surprise Birthday Ideas For Your Kid

Another birthday is peaking around the corner. That means another celebration involving the same old template of cake, games and gifts. Is that right?

Mom and dad, you are awesome and are so much better than this! After all, this isn’t just any other day, it is the apple of your eye’s birthday. Don’t your kids deserve something spectacular and unforgettable? Spectacular doesn’t mean shifting the party to a five-star location or allocating five-star budgets. What you need is a five-star idea that doesn’t need much spending and those we have in plenty! Check them out!

1.Carnival House

Stalls for a surprise birthday

Carnivals or fun fairs are loved by everyone so why not bring one to your home? A personalized carnival for the birthday child. How does that sound? Trust us, it’ll look even better. All you need to do is set up stations (to mimic stalls) at different corners of the house. At one corner you can have a ‘Guess the coins in the box’ game, while in another you can place small objects and ask your child to throw a ring on them. There can be puzzles, water shooting, pin a tail on the donkey, bowling, stacking – the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget the food! You can have different stalls for your child’s favourite food items and they can pay for it using the coupons earned from the games. What a fun idea, right? Remember, you heard it first here on PartyOne!

2.Treasure Hunt

We know what you’re thinking. This is an old idea where the parent gives the child a series of clues to reach their birthday gift. So what’s special in this? Everything! In our twist to this idea, the treasure hunt spans across not rooms but real places outside the house. In this game, you will let the child read the clue and lead you to different places like the supermarket, a park, museum, an ice cream shop and so on, culminating in the place where you have stored the actual birthday gift (like a relative’s house or a toy shop). Along with being a fun experience for the child, it will help them use their logical reasoning skills and make it an educational exercise. Happy child + happy parent, need we say anything more?

3.Surprise guests

Clown as a surprise guest for birthday

Every child has that one cartoon character they adore. From Mickey Mouse, Elsa, Peppa Pig to Chhota Bheem, you have traditionally had their presence limited to the party decoration, cutlery and return gifts. This year, go one step further. Don’t just gift character themed stationary sets, bring home the character itself! Hire a professional artist who will have the perfect costume and mannerisms to ace the role. Along with being a major surprise to the child, your character can be involved in all the activities of your party including entertaining, hosting games and distributing prizes which is sure to keep the little ones super excited! As for your child, the bond they create with the character they have only seen on television will be quite special making the party a huge success.

4. Rent-a-pet

pet dog gift for birthday

In your busy city life, it isn’t easy to manage a pet at home. But the joy on your child’s face as they pat a stray puppy or someone’s pet cat is priceless. So why not give them the pleasure of having a pet friend for the whole day? Many animal shelters and pet places offer you a rental scheme these days where you can care for an animal for a limited time and return it. You can also let your child volunteer at the shelter itself so they learn a valuable lesson on taking care of needy animals while having a great time. Whether you choose to bring a pet into your family or not, such activities are a great way to bond with your child and instill some humane values along the way.

5.Have a birthday week

Turn the ‘birthday’ on its head and make it a ‘birthweek’, we say. When the occasion is such a beloved one, why restrict the celebrations to just a day? Here’s what we suggest. Draw up a schedule for the week where you are doing something special every day to celebrate the birthday child. Some of the ideas could be, an outdoor picnic, going for a joy ride, playing their favourite games, a visit to the child’s favourite play area, involving them in the kitchen, pretend play, a small gift every day for the whole week and lots of cake!

Unlike your run-of-the-mill ideas, innovative ideas like these need some planning but at the end, the results are totally worth it. So what are you waiting for? This birthday, don’t hold back. Shower love on your child, cuddle and pamper them to your heart’s content. For many more such innovative birthday related ideas, check out our Facebook page.

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