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Women's Corporate Looks And Ladies Work Wear Ideas

You hear the word ‘party’ and open up your collar button. It’s time to let your hair down and wear whatever you please, right? Er..sure, if you want to wake up to unemployment the next day! Maybe we are being a bit of a worry wart here but hello people, office parties mean socializing with your boss and colleagues you have to see every day (whether you like it or not)! Unless you are some sort of a Greek goddess who can pull off just about anything, you should know that office parties are a lot about first impressions and forging stronger second ones, so don’t mess this up. Seize the corporate floor and impress those hard-nosed Board of Directors with these wardrobe tips.

1.Launch party

product launch or event launch work wear

A launch implies a new beginning and this is not the kind of party to show up in a t-shirt and jeans or a barely there LBD (Little Black Dress). Such parties are just one step away from formal events and are usually a showcase of the company’s achievements and future goals. What you need here, is a look that says team player. That means going chic with classic whites, grays and blacks.

We recommend a casual business look with white full sleeved top and a dark A-line skirt. You can even add in a stylish short jacket on top. Do you like dresses? Check out the narrowly designed pencil dress, usually, favoured formal wear but has the style to be worn at an office event.

2.Festival celebration

work wear during festival celebrations

We love our festivals, don’t we? But each time you see the e-vite announcing the ethnic office celebration party, the first thing you think about is –“So what am I going to wear?”. Not to worry, the important thing to remember while you put together an outfit is, that when it comes to a festival celebration, your beloved short skirts and blazers are not invited. Nothing works on Indian festivals like an Indian dress. Sari is one of the best choices before you. Timeless and no hassles of size! From chiffon, cotton, silk to mixed, you can choose a fabric and colour that suits you well. Sleeveless, puffed or embroidered blouses will go well with them. Not a sari person? You can stick to your comfortable salwars or Kurtis and still look perfect for the occasion. Patiala salwar, harem salwars, A-Line Kurtis and lightly worked Anarkali Kurtis are some of the best options in this kind of a party as they have the variety to suit all body types.

3.Theme party

Theme party wear for working professionals

Since there is a pre-announced theme, your search narrows a bit. But only by a bit, because as anyone who has attended an office theme party will tell you, the hit or miss of your outfit depends on your office culture.

Theme parties are usually informal and fun, so if you have a little Ranveer Singh inside you wanting to wear whacky clothes like a nightgown and fluffy slippers or cartoon costumes, this might just be your gig. For those wanting to go bold, ‘Bodycon’ dresses are the in trend and go very well with superhero themes. Glitter dresses are another favorite, as they lend some shimmer to an evening party. Slit skirts and denim midi dresses are also worth a look. Here’s a fun tip – cigarette pants with an Indo-Western kurti, sure to be a winner for you.

4.Clients event

office wear for clients event parties for ladies

Good business means great partying! Your company might have a cocktail party for your clients and potential clients once in a while and these events need a bit of careful outfit planning. If you turn up in a stuffed suit or arrive in a normal salwar kameez, you may feel a little out of place. We have some ideas for you.

Try maxi dresses. These full length, flowing gowns look great in a party and feel comfortable in an office setting too. If you like skirts, pleated skirts with plain tops and beaded accessories make for a good look. Other options could be A-line skirts and godet skirts with a contrasting full sleeve blouse. Among salwars, we think palazzo salwars with unusual designs look pretty. And here’s the clincher, saris like kalamkari with mythological prints and other artwork are just the conversation pieces you need as you look to the network.

A few points to consider :

1. It is always wise to ask your colleagues on what they plan to wear before you decide your outfit, especially if you are new to the company.

2. Always have a dress trial, preferably with a fashion expert, who can help you out with the right accessories.

3. Don’t forget shoes! Gladiator sandals with long dresses, ankle straps with party saris, cone heels with informal skirts and short dresses, loafers for formals and pumps for just about anything. Take your pick!

Clothes are the first thing people notice about you and during such events when the decision makers come down from their ivory towers to shake a leg, make a great first impression. Who knows where it could lead, right? Follow us on for more fashion tips.

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