Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees

You know what they say, it takes two hands to clap. To run an efficient organization like yours, it takes many more hands working in sync with each other. Your employees are your company’s best assets and your clients are the fuel that drives your car, so why not put a little more thought into what you plan to gift them this festive season? Your people deserve more than the customary 2019 diary and dry fruit box and we know just the ideas you might like.

1.The gift of fitness

the fitness gift for employees

It’s a corporate jungle out there and you know from experience that for your employees and busy clients, success in professional life comes at the cost of health. At the back of their mind, they wish they could devote more time to a workout but there is a serious lack of time and motivation. Here’s where you come in. As a leader and opinion shaper, you can gift your employees a ticket to better health by giving them a discounted three-month gym or yoga class membership or an activity tracker watch so they can monitor their progress. By doing so, you will earn the respect of your circle who will appreciate the thought you have put in for their betterment.

2.The gift of travel

the travel corporate gift

What do you do when you are extremely stressed out and want a break? You book the first flight out of there and head over to a serene holiday location to rejuvenate yourself. That’s the power of travel. It can heal, transform and educate. No matter how good the work environment may be, every employee needs a break now and then to recharge themselves. Rejecting their leave application and forcing them to turn up at work will only make matters worse. The solution? Empathy! Don’t just grant them leave, give them a travel voucher. Maybe a night ‘s free stay at a hotel or a ticket to an amusement park or a plane ticket. It’s amazing how much difference a little touch like gifting a discounted weekend package at a resort can have on the morale of the employee.

3.The gift of food

the food gifts to the employees

Gift boxes with sweets and nuts aren’t a bad idea at all. It is, after all, useful and tasty. But standard packs can only do so much. What we suggest is custom made boxes with just the right items to pamper your team. From delicious cupcakes with the office logo, cookies, unique savory items to a fun looking candy, premium tea and exotic chocolates, your care box is sure to be a hit. Drop in a funny note with the box and throw in a hilarious accessory like a peppermint tea bag to deal with the hangover you predict the employee will suffer from. These little improvisations will bring a smile to the face of the receiver and make your gift box, the talking point of social media! 

4.The gift of experiences

a gift for employees to trekking and camping

Pick up any research paper involving this generation- the millennials- and you will see one significant finding. Unlike their predecessors who believed success is determined by ownership (like a number of cars or houses), this generation values ‘experiences’ over owning things. Experiences could be travel, trying out new food, signing up for new age courses in well-being and adventure sports like paragliding, deep sea diving and the like.  So now you know why that kettle you had in mind, may not excite your millennial employees! Go unconventional. Take your team to an adventure resort and let them experience camping, trekking and climbing. Did that already at your team outing? Send out a voucher book with discounted opportunities to learn new languages, free dinners at theme bars and tickets to workshops where they can learn to paint, bake or make candles or soaps. When you encourage your employee to explore and find their passions beyond work, you will have earned their deep gratitude.

5.The gift of good deeds

the stationery gift for employees

When you think of corporate gifting, it is very tempting to turn on your favorite shopping app and simply order 250 pieces of the first reasonable item you see. But hold off on the ‘confirm order’ for a second and think it over. This is a gift that represents you and your company’s values. Why not make it a heartwarming one? Top industrial houses in India are now adopting this approach and are gifting their employee's things like saplings, eco-friendly clothing, bags and stationery made by marginalized workers. Buy from a mass made manufacturer and you will be just another customer but buy from a local artisan and you will be their friend for life. By buying products that promote sustainable living, greenery and encouragement to struggling artists, you will bring festive cheer not just to your employees and clients but to many other deserving families too.

Handing over a gift is a nice gesture but don’t forget to back it up with a warm note and friendly attitude. As business tycoon Richard Branson once said, “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.” Spread the joy this season, that’s what a happy office environment is all about! For more tips on celebrations and hiring the right people to get it done for you, check out
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