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Children's Day Celebration Ideas

Their cute smiles, the funny things they say, their innocent and never-ending questions- is there a lovelier creation on the planet than a child? They enrich our lives, teach us to love and laugh our tensions away, so why not make this children’s day that is 14th November, a truly fun celebration? Here are some ideas for you.

1. Take them to your workplace

You always complain that your child disturbs you when you work from home. Perhaps it’s because they don’t understand the concept of ‘work’. Involve them in this part of your life. Take them with you to work and show them your office, your work desk and tell them what you do. Introduce them to your colleagues and take them to the cafeteria for a snack. Let them swivel around your chair and scribble their own ‘reports’. It will be an experience they will always cherish.

2. Head of the family for the day

Have you seen the movie (made in several Indian languages) in which a common man is made chief minister for a day? This idea is something like that. Ideal for kids over six, we suggest that you give your child responsibility of running the household for the day. That means your child gets to make decisions like where you should go out, what you should eat, the grocery list, activities to be done, any repair work to be done for the house and the like based on the budget you give them. This is a fun and interesting way to teach them the ropes of finance and house management while making them feel special.

3. Cook

One of the most underrated family bonding activities is cooking. Think about it. It’s something you do every day and everyone loves to eat their favorite delicacies so here’s an idea- make it a whole day project! Your little one and you can play ‘restaurant’ and draw up a nice menu card. You can set the table together, clean vegetables, make easy child-friendly recipes and even earn real pocket money for the effort!

4. Have a movie marathon

There are movies that are made for days like these. Lion King, The Jungle Book, Minions, Shrek, Finding Nemo- we can think of so many! Thanks to online subscription services, you can now get access to hundreds of classic children’s movies that you grew up on. Mix and match with some old movies and some new. Cuddle up in front of the tv, munch on popcorn and have a great time extracting some valuable takeaways from these movies.

5. Design your own t-shirts

Kids love paints and mess! Join in on the fun with this super-hit idea. All you need is a white t-shirt and a set of fabric paints. Just spread some newspapers around and start painting! From cartoon characters, flowers, funny faces to simply dabbing on some paint randomly, there is a lot of fun to be had. Add in some cool wordings if you like, put the t-shirt out to dry and that’s it. Wear your t-shirt with pride and twin it with your child. Pout, sport on those cool shades and hit that selfie button!

6. Picnic to a park

This may be old, but there is a reason why it continues to be gold! Kids are naturally attracted to nature. Fresh air, trees, grass and the earth brings out the happiness within them. Combine this interest of theirs with a picnic lunch and you will be their hero! Take in a large sitting mat, a ball or sand toys for them and enjoy watching them play. Afterward, sit down together on the mat for a delicious picnic lunch outdoors followed by more playing.

7. Take them to a factory visit

Curiosity is one of the children’s best traits and as a parent, the more you encourage it, the more your child will flourish. Instead of the usual malls and toy shops, take your child to a factory to observe first hand how machines work and how products they use on a daily basis are made. You can take them to a local dairy and show them how milk is processed. Another example is a visit to, say a soap factory, where they will be able to witness how accurately things have to work in a production line for a bar of soap to be created and packaged.

Occasions like these are what bring a family together and create precious memories. Make it count for your little ones, this children’s day. And when you do, don’t forget to share your ideas with us. We love hearing from you.

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