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5 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Boo, everyone! October 31st that is Halloween night is almost here and you know what’s scary? No, not the wannabe skeletons and vampires roaming about the city on this night, it’s the prospect of missing out on a great occasion to stand out thanks to your boring costume.

Think about it, how many times does this fun dressing up happen in a year? And if you are looking for a funny or cute halloween costume for the kids, please do not waste your time in costume stores. Batman and Spiderman costumes are as stale as last year’s leftover trick-or-treat candy. You want a halloween costume that’s different and you want to create it with your own hands. Say no more! We have some cool ideas for you.

1.Vikram and Betal

Scary Halloween Costume

Remember the legendary tale of King Vikramaditya and the spirit he carries on his back called Betal or Vetala? This Indian tale, written in the 11th century in Sanskrit, packs in so much fun, wit and goosebump moments, making it a scene stealing Halloween costume.

How to make it :

  • Wear a long and shiny kurta with a vest (optional) and ethnic sandals. Tie a dupatta on your waist.
  • Cut a cardboard in the shape of a knife and wear it around your waist.
  • Wear a couple of beads or faux pearl necklaces. Head turban gives a cool royal effect.
  • For Betal, all you need is cloth or small pillow stuffed inside a white shirt.
  • Tie the sleeve around your neck.
  • Fix up a white pom- pom on the top of the white tshirt to give it the original ghost hair effect.


2.Diwali firecracker

Diwali Crakers

Why celebrate just one festival when you can celebrate two? The immediate next week after Halloween is Diwali and here’s a costume idea that lets you celebrate both these festivals. Also, what a great way to let out your inner spark!

How to make it :

  • Take a long red chart paper and draw long lines on them as you see on a cluster bomb packet.
  • Tape white strings at the top of each line.
  • Make two holes at both sides the cardboard, pass a satin ribbon through and wear it around your neck like a necklace.
  • Go one step further by painting your face red and having an igniting string popping above your head!!


3.Lego block

Lego Costumes

Your house is probably scattered with them. Kids love them so much! So when they ask you to get them a cool costume this year, make them this creative and stunning Lego block costume. You are sure to get their seal of approval.

How to make it :

  • Take a large cardboard box that is about the size of your child’s torso and cut off the top and bottom portions and makes holes for the arms. Secure the insides.
  • Take a few equal sized block shaped plastic containers and fix them on the cardboard with hot glue.
  • Once it is dry, paint it or spray paint it to the colour you like. Wait for it to dry and it’s ready!


4.Naagin or snake

Snakes taking the shape of human beings and vice versa, haven’t we Indians grown up on naagin stories? Vampires, witches and werewolves maybe the popular imported choices but good old naagin never fails to disappoint for halloween.

How to make it :

  • Wear an all black outfit (full sleeve shirt and pant).
  • Draw snake scales, colour them and paste them on felt paper sheets. Cut them out into thin lines and tape them around the outfit.
  • Make a snake’s hood using cardboard, black marble paper and glue and wear it on top of your head like a headband.
  • For added effect, you can wear fishnet stockings over your hands and face. Sssssoo stunning!


5.Bangalore Traffic

Traffic Police Costume

Did this surprise you? We bet it did! But think of coming on a Friday evening from Electronics City to KR Puram and the fear of getting stuck in bad traffic is more real than all the fake blood and skeleton costumes that people wear on halloween!

One of the cool things about Halloween is that you don’t always have to wear gory outfits. This festival is also about symbolism and creativity and this idea is a winner for its ingenuity.

How to make it :

  • Make a printout of the map of a particular traffic area on a large size.
  • Tape this up on a long and full sleeved black tshirt.
  • Take a pack of small plastic cars and trucks and tape them all over the paper in a haphazard fashion.
  • Continue the same pattern on the sleeves and pants with the odd blackened cotton cloud in between to show the pollution and the infamous toxic foam lakes spilling out onto the road! Be ready for selfie requests. There will be many.

But before we bid adieu, what’s Halloween without the pumpkins? Here are some fun and easy carving ideas for you to try.


6.Lit up lantern

Halloween Pumkin

For this, you have to cut the top portion out and cut shapes like triangles or hearts on the front portion of the pumpkin. Set up some colourful lights that go in and out of the holes reaching up to a big bright bunch of them on the head of the pumpkin. Easy to make, great to look at.


7.Candy pumpkin

Pumpkin Candies

Once the clock strikes 6, you know the neighborhood kids will come rushing to ring your doorbell for candy. Don’t feel like answering the door every time? Here’s a hack for you. Carve eyes, nose and a smiling mouth on a pumpkin and make thin slits on the top. On these slits, place candy bars, lollipops and confectionary and keep this outside your door. Voila! You would have carved an awesome pumpkin and automized your candy distribution to a pumpkin!


8.Crawling pumpkins

So you really love your thrills on Halloween. This pumpkin fits your bill perfectly. Take a bunch of small cup sized pumpkins and carve a hole in between. Take black pipe cleaners and twist them to resemble spider legs. Place a small torch in the hole you have carved and turn it on. Now place this pumpkin on a roomy remote control car and start guiding it towards your visitors!! Quite the scene it will make, don’t you think?

Call in a bunch of your family members and pals and have fun with these funny, scary and cute Halloween costumes. Teach your kids to pick pumpkins at patches and help them carve the pumpkins too. After all, a family that boos together, stays together!


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