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Capture The Best With Professional Wedding Photographers

Your best friend, the colleague with the high-tech camera and your uncle’s son (the one who did a photography course abroad) mean well when they offer to be your wedding photographer. Having someone known well to you and your guests to cover the grand function sounds great. And the money you save by not hiring a professional photographer will come handy too. But is this something you should say yes to? Here are some points to chew on.

a professional photographer capturing a photo

1.Package deal

Meet ‘Package’. For the next few months, as you plan your wedding, this will be the most frequently heard word of your day. From a photography point of view, you may mistakenly assume that once the wedding is captured on camera, your work is done. On the contrary, that’s when it starts. Your friends, no matter how talented they are in taking photographs, will most likely hand you a memory card and say goodbye. But that’s raw, unedited stock. Not to mention hours of video footage that will be laborious to edit. Instead, if you opt for a photography package, you will be assured of first quality photographs—both hardcopy and digital— and videos documenting the event. You will also receive attractive add-ons in terms of editing and personalized Photo Albums and DVD Covers.

2.No personal bias

This is a real challenge that no one anticipates but is most likely to happen so hear us out. A social circle is fluid and unpredictable. You have a different dynamic with each person, that’s why it is so fascinating and risky when you ask someone known to you to photograph your wedding. Say, cousin A takes up the responsibility of your wedding ‘s photography and Cousin B ( who is not on good terms with A) walks in, what are the chances he will be given due coverage like the way an unbiased photographer would give? For a 360 neutral coverage, a professional photographer is your best best.


Your brother, the official photographer, will be right next to you the whole time, so there shouldn’t be a problem, right? The thing about weddings is (and we urge you to print it out on your coffee mug) that once the festivities begin, it’s like a train without brakes. Things move rapidly. The rituals, the guests, the artists who have to be paid, the old ladies who have plenty of tales from your diaper days, the caterers, the cleaning staff, the list goes on. As much as you’d like to, you can control very little from the center stage, hence you need a team of dependable professionals who can do the job for you. Instead of asking two relatives to click away and getting almost identical photos, the team of photographers will split duties, one for stage shots and other for candid shots for example, and ensure that the function is covered thoroughly.

4.Handling unexpected situations

None of us wish to experience unexpected and socially awkward situations, but that’s life! A drunk

Uncle, a combative aunt, power cuts, rainfall – these weeds can sprout up anytime. The amateur photographers you have appointed may not know how to face such situations and can freeze up or make matters worse. This is where the professional photographer, with her wealth of experience, will handle matters tactfully and dip into her backup reserves to get things rolling back at the earliest. Suppose the person you request to be your photographer falls sick or bails out on you at the last minute, you will have a tough time scrambling to find a replacement. However, if you have booked a professional photographer and they are unable to attend, they will send you substitutes or guide you towards a hassle-free replacement.

5.Telling a story

Wedding photography isn’t just about clicking away the whole time. When you receive your wedding album, it should tell a complete pictorial story. Where, when, who, why and how – your photographs should provide the answers to these questions in the right sequence. Moreover, it should capture the mood and essence of that day so that twenty years back when you chance upon it, you can relive the magic of that day. With their keen eye for details, professional photographers pick up on little subtle nuances that go on to become the high points of the wedding. The same cannot be expected of amateurs, who, despite their best efforts may fall short of your expectations.

A wedding is the biggest, most extravagant day of your life which will occur only once. Why take a risk with the unknown when you have an option to let the experts take charge? After all, a wedding album, isn’t merely a book of photos, it is the story of your love and the special day that bonded you both together for eternity.
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